Hello peeps,

I was thinking lately about what the relationship was between Sam and Freddie, pretty much through all the Seddie-violence here. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Creddie-shipper pur sang. It's not that I dislike the idea of Seddie, but it seems very unlikely to happen and if it happens it's probably because Dan listens to the fans and that would be not really good imo. The main reason why I don't think Seddie will happen is because of the weird relationship between Sam and Freddie and no, I'm not talking about the frequent abuse Freddie goes through. I'm more talking about... how should I explain this. I don't think Sam and Freddie are going to get together, because to me they don't show any romantic interest in each other. Well, at least Freddie doesn't imo. The only time Sam did was at the dance between Carly and Freddie, but that may also be because Sam felt alone after being rejected by Gibby and not being able to talk to either of her best friends, which brings be to the next point. Sam and Freddie are friends. Not just friends, best friends. Sometimes I think Freddie and Sam have a closer friendship than either of them have with Carly, especially in season two and three. They often hang out without Carly and seem to have a lot of fun together when they aren't bickering. This doesn't mean that they have romantic feelings to each other. Much like Jathan by the way.

I think I get a lot of hate comments from Seddie shippers now, but yeah, so be it. I just don't think Seddie is very likely to happen. If Freddie turns out to have feelings for Sam I don't have anything against them dating, I think. Freddie is my favorite character of iCarly and I hope he gets what he deserves, whatever that may be. But I still think that is Carly, because I think deep inside she really does love him, but that's another discussion :P.

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