Hello everypeeps,

I had this crazy idea:

Pokemon have given many ships a name, like PearlShipping (Dawn & Ash), BrunetteShipping (May & Gary) or RespectShipping (Ash & Drew). I was wondering if the iCarly shippings had those epic kind of names what would those be? Here are some suggestions.

Cam(Carly + Sam) HostShipping (Both are host of iCarly)

CuttleShipping (Both are fan of Cuttlefish)

Creddie(Carly + Freddie) BruneShipping (Both are brunettes)

GradeShipping, StudyShipping (Both receive high grades at school)

HallwayShipping (They live opposite on Bushwell plaza)

HeroShipping (To iSaved Your Life)

Sparly(Carly + Spencer) SiblingShipping (Obvious reason)

BabyShipping (Spencer sometimes refer to Carly as baby sister and Spencer plays a Baby in iWon't Cancel the Show)

Cibby (Carly + Gibby) SweetShipping (Carly refers to Gibby as sweet at least two times)

Seddie (Sam + Freddie) FirstKissShipping, 1stKissShipping (They had eachother's first kiss)

HouseShipping (Sam refers to herself as Momma and to Freddie as Daddy)

RemoteShipping (Freddie built Sam's remote)

Spam (Sam + Spencer) PrankShipping (Sam admits her crush after Spencer pranks her, also Sam seems to have pranked a lot)

AssassinShipping (Refers to iSaved Your Life)

Sibby (Sam + Gibby) WedgieShipping (Sam gives Gibby wedgies) FearShipping (Both seem afraid for each other in some ways)

Fencer (Freddie + Spencer) SaberShipping (Refers to iFence)

Fibby (Freddie + Gibby) BroShipping (Refers to iEnrage Gibby)

Gencer (Gibby + Spencer) ShipShipping, BoatShipping, PirateShipping (Refers to iQuit iCarly)

Crediam (Carly + Sam + Freddie) iCarlyShipping (Obviously)

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