Okay, so I was watching the 2nd Sneak Peek of iHire an Idiot and I read the comments. There were about 3 Creddie comments, 30 Seddie comments and a couple 'peace' comments. As a Creddier it's pretty difficult to read through the comments, because a fair amount of those comments are pretty rude. Then there was one rude comment from a Creddier, I quote:

will you shut up with that SEDDIE!!!! there is no seddie in this video only creddie!!!!!!!!

Okay, I know it is kinda rude, but I think he had a point that there weren't any Seddie moments in the entire sneak peek. A lot of comments were just plain I quote again: SEDDIE!!!, mostly nothing added. I understand this fellow Creddier that he grows sick of this pointless comment over and over again, and I can understand that Seddiers would feel the same when Creddiers put comments like: CREDDIE!!! under the kissing scene in iKiss.

Now my point is really that YouTube comments about shipping are most of the time ten times ruder then the comments here. So I want to compliment both Creddiers and Seddiers for their respecively great behavior. But I want to ask just two questions. Do you experience the same difference between Youtube and Wikia comments? And how do you cope with those YouTube comments?

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