Everyone knows I'm a biased Creddier, so no likey, no readey, no commentey.

iCan't Take It

Gibby is for unknown reason against the relationship between Sam and Freddie. Gibby tells Mrs. Benson that Sam and Freddie are dating. Carly is still furious at Sam and Freddie about how they treated her last days and becomes even angrier when they ditch iCarly again. Gibby and Mrs. Benson ask Carly to join their scheme to break up Sam and Freddie. Meanwhile Freddie tells Carly something that she can easily use against Sam and Freddie. Carly is very hesitant at first, but when Sam and Freddie keep bugging her, she 'gives in to her anger' and tells Freddie's secret. Later she realizes what she did and goes out of her way to protect Sam and Freddie against whatever Gibby and Mrs. Benson are up to, saying her aesop about friendship. At the end of the episode Sam and Freddie get arrested for something as a cliffhanger for iLove You

iLove You

Coming up.

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