Yeah, I saw something in the blogs of Lotstar and Creddie4444, which I thought was pretty cool, making an own season of iCarly. I wanted to write a season myself a couple of months ago, but I did it in fanfiction form which didn't really work out very well. But this works great too


After many years the apartment next to Carly's gets finally habited. Carly, Freddie, and Spencer quickly befriended the seventeen-year old daughter of the family: Natalie. Sam doesn't like Natalie, however and starts using her as a new target of abuse.


Gibby asks Spencer to help him rehearsing a play for iCarly

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Freddie grew immune to Sam's abuse.
  • Carly, Freddie, and Spencer befriend Natalie
  • Natalie's crush on Freddie is revealed
  • Sam's dislike to Natalie is revealed, but she gained a little respect for her afterwards
  • Natalie starts co-hosting iCarly


Carly: (to Natalie) I'm Carly.

Freddie: I'm Freddie.

Natalie: (flirty) Oh, I know.

Natalie: Freddie, you are so awesome.

Sam: Okay, I really hate you now.

Natalie: Mom, I'm gonna stay here for a sec, kay?

Mrs. Parker: Okay sweetie (to Spencer) give her no sugar.

Mr. Parker: AT ALL!

Spencer: I know what I'm doing!

Gibby: Me too! Ruining the play!

Shippy facts


  • Carly and Freddie are the first who meet Natalie
  • Carly and Freddie have a good time cleaning the wall
  • Freddie is totally oblivious to Natalie's avances, probably because he is focused on Carly instead


  • Sam says she hates Natalie because she likes Freddie. Is Sam jealous?
  • Freddie could calm Sam down when Carly couldn't
  • Freddie refers to their own growing friendship to explain why one can have more best friends.


  • Sam might dislike Natalie because she sees her as a concurrent as Carly's best friend


  • Natalie's crush on Freddie is revealed.
  • Freddie is angry at Sam when she insults Natalie
  • Freddie thinks that Natalie makes a good co-host
  • Together with Carly is Freddie the first inhabitant of Buzzwell Plaza Natalie meets.


  • Sam and Natalie put their differences aside for iCarly
  • Sam respects Natalie at the end of the episode, but still teases her, much like she did before with Freddie


  • Carly thinks that Natalie is a good co-host
  • Together with Freddie is Carly the first inhabitant of Buzzwell Plaza Natalie meets


  • Gibby and Spencer cooperate during the episodes
  • Spencer comforts Gibby when he freaks out

Next Episode:


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