Although Sam and Natalie agreed to respect each other, they keep bickering with each other. Carly and Freddie are tired of their bickering and lock them up in the elevator.

Spencer bought a piano for his new sculpture

Major Events

  • Spencer buys a piano.
  • Gibby is revealed to be gifted pianist.
  • Gibby learns a lullaby that only works on Sam and Natalie.
  • Natalie is revealed to be a gifted singer.
  • Natalie meets Gibby for the first time.


(through Natalie and Sam's bickering) Freddie: SHUT UP!!!

Sam: (To Carly and Freddie) You know I'm right.

Natalie: No, you're wrong.

Carly: She's not wrong, she's just plain annoying. (to Sam)

Natalie: (points to Sam) Ha!

Freddie: You too!

(after Carly and Freddie lock Sam and Natalie up in the elevator) Freddie: I hope she survives it.

Carly: Sam or Natalie?

Freddie: The elevator.

Gibby: I play piano.

Sam: Why do you play piano?

Gibby: Piano's are AWESOME!



  • Sam looks hurt when Carly calls her annoying


  • Carly and Freddie work together to stop Sam and Natalie from bickering, but fail
  • Freddie states he finally understands what Carly goes through, when Sam and he fought
  • Carly and Freddie act very nervous when they are alone in the studio
  • Carly and Freddie get locked in a janitor closet.


  • Carly said to Sam that she was annoying, not to Natalie.
  • Carly compliments Natalie's singing skills


  • Carly thanks Gibby for putting Sam and Natalie asleep
  • Carly is impressed by Gibby's piano play


  • Freddie stops Natalie from insulting Sam by saying that she was as annoying as Sam
  • Sam smiles after this comment


  • Sam and Natalie cooperate to take revenge on Freddie and Carly
  • Sam seems impressed by Natalie's singing skills


  • Gibby is shown to be able to put Sam asleep with a lullaby


  • Natalie flirts with Freddie various times during the episode, but Freddie keeps acting oblivious.
  • Natalie looks hurt when Freddie yells at her
  • Freddie compliments Natalie at her singing skills


  • Freddie thanks Gibby for putting Sam and Natalie asleep
  • Freddie is impressed by Gibby's piano play


  • Spencer is impressed by Natalie's singing skills.


  • Gibby and Natalie meet in this episode.
  • Natalie starts to sing at free will when Gibby plays.
  • Gibby is shown to be able to put Natalie asleep with a lullaby


  • Spencer decides not to destroy the piano for his next sculpture.
  • Spencer is impressed by Gibby's piano play.

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