Natalie and Gibby are trying to get the rest of the gang to participate in a talent show in Seattle. Spencer acts in a comical act, while Carly and Sam join Natalie and Gibby's music group. Freddie is unsure about his talent, so Carly and Natalie help him finding one.

Major Events

  • Freddie discovers his drumming talent
  • Carly, Sam, Freddie, Natalie and Gibby all perform a song called "At the moment"
  • Spencer wins the talent show.


Freddie: I don't have any talent.

Sam: Oh yes you have. A talent to annoy me.

Spencer: They all laugh at me!

Gibby: Your zipper is open.

Spencer: This is so embarrissing

Carly: Do you want to help me?

Natalie: You mean to make Freddie happy?

Carly: Eeeh, yes,

Natalie (very happy): Of course!



  • Sam first wanted to perform with Carly alone.


  • Carly comforts Freddie and helps him to find his talent.


  • Carly asks Natalies help to cheer up Freddie.
  • Carly seems to know that Natalie has a crush on Freddie.
  • Carly wanted to join Natalie and Gibby's band


  • Carly helps Spencer getting ideas for his comical act.


  • Carly wanted to join Natalie and Gibby's band


  • Sam says that Freddie has a talent to annoy her.
  • Sam and Freddie share a high five after their performance.


  • Sam didn't insult Natalie during the episode


  • Sam thought that Spencer's act was funny


  • Sam gave Gibby a friendly slap on the back, despite it hurt Gibby.


  • Carly seemed aware of Natalie's crush on Freddie.
  • Natalie notices Freddie's feeling for rhythm
  • Freddie and Natalie share a hug after Freddie found his talent for drumming.
  • Natalie was reluctant to let Freddie go.


  • Freddie congratulated Spencer and says that he deserved it.


  • Gibby is impressed by Freddie's drum play.


  • Natalie seems impressed by Spencer's act.


  • Natalie and Gibby encourages Sam, Carly, Spencer and Freddie to participate in the talent show
  • Gibby was a little reluctant to allow Carly, Sam and Freddie in the band. Maybe because he wanted Natalie for himself.


  • Gibby was impressed by Spencer's act.

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