Freddie's mother accidentally ruins a segment of iCarly, but the comments to Marissa are very possitive. The gang asks Mrs. Benson to do a segment on the show, but soon she gets star struck when she thinks she is funny.


Gibby and Natalie write their first mutual song with the help of Spencer.

Major Events

  • Gibby and Natalie write their first song: Potatoes.


Sam (to Freddie): Freddie, your mom is not funny, she freaks me out, I can't stand her knitting your underwear the entire day and she smells like... something clean! No offense.

Freddie: None taken.

Natalie (laughs at a lame joke of Mrs. Benson)

Carly (whispering): That wasn't funny.

Natalie: I know I was just being polite.

Carly: Because of Freddie?

Natalie: No.

(Carly gives her a look)

Natalie: Maybe... (awkwardly)

Natalie: I can't think of any good subject for our song.

Spencer: It has to be something really random.

Gibby: I know... I can't think of anything. My head feels like a potato

(Natalie and Spencer give Gibby a smile)

Gibby: What?



  • Both think Mrs. Benson embarrassing Freddie is funny. Besides them nobody seem to think so.


  • Carly freely apologizes to Freddie for making fun of him and his mother.
  • Carly seems annoyed that Natalie wanted to be polite to Mrs. Benson, because of Freddie.


  • Carly compliments Spencer, Gibby and Natalie about their song
  • Carly tells Natalie that she felt bad about Mrs. Benson


  • Carly compliments Spencer, Gibby and Natalie about their song


  • Carly compliments Spencer, Gibby and Natalie about their song


  • Sam apologizes to Mrs. Benson and Freddie about her behavior on the end of the episode.
  • Sam says that she means no offense after insulting his mother.
  • Freddie gladly accepts both her apologies.


  • Sam and Natalie had the same color of hockey sticks during the show.


  • Natalie reluctantly admits that she wants to be polite to Mrs. Benson because of Freddie.
  • Natalie asks what Freddie things about her song.
  • Freddie thinks Natalie's song is great.


  • Spencer and Natalie had a good time together working on the song.
  • Both Spencer and Natalie had the idea to write a song about potatoes.


  • Natalie and Gibby wrote their first song together.


  • Spencer is the first to hear Gibby's music for the new song, even before Natalie.

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