Sam and Natalie are in a fight again, but this time things get terribly out of hands, hurting Carly in the process. Can Freddie patch the group together


  • Noah Munck as Gibby

Major Events

  • Sam and Natalie hurt Carly badly.
  • Natalie learns that Freddie had a crush in Carly and that his crush might not have faded.
  • Freddie kisses Carly's cheek.
  • Freddie and Natalie share a scene on the fire escape.
  • Natalie tried to kiss Freddie.


Sam (to Natalie): You make me sick, sister!

Freddie: Are you in much pain?

Carly: Uggh! It doesn't feel good!

Spencer: Here is your kumquat juice

Freddie: Kumquat juice?

Spencer: Carly likes that.

(Freddie looks at Carly)

Carly: I do.



  • Sam was extremely concerned about Carly
  • Sam asked how Carly was the first time she saw Freddie after the accident.


  • Freddie took care of Carly throughout the episode.
  • Freddie tells Natalie about his crush for Carly.
  • Freddie kisses Carly's cheek.
  • Carly doesn't seem to mind at all.
  • Carly is very grateful about Freddie's caring.
  • Carly asks Freddie to talk to Sam and Natalie
  • Freddie escorts Carly when she clumsily walks on her crutches.


  • Natalie feels guilty after hurting Carly.
  • It seems Natalie was about to spill her crush to Freddie to him, but changed her mind when he told her about his crush to Carly


  • Spencer took care of Carly throughout the episode


  • Freddie and Natalie share a scene on the fire escape, the place where the Seddie kiss happened.
  • Freddie tells Natalie that he had some good memories about the fire escape, but he also says that he keeps them for himself
  • Freddie says that he might become her only friend when she continues like this
  • Sam smiles sypathetically at this.
  • Sam, together with Natalie, share a group hug with Freddie


  • Sam and Natalie share a hug together, before Freddie joined in.
  • Spencer, Freddie and Carly smiled when Sam and Natalie had their hug


  • Natalie seems hurt when Freddie tells her about his crush to Carly
  • Natalie, along with Sam, shared a group hug with Freddie.
  • Both Natalie and Freddie smiled widely during the hug.
  • Natalie tries to kiss Freddie


  • Spencer thanks Freddie for caring for her sister.


  • When Freddie tells Natalie that Spencer has a birthmark on his butt, she smiles.

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