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iCarly++ Episode 7:iHunt Ghosts


Spencer tells Carly, Sam, Freddie, Natalie and Gibby about the ghost of floor 6 on Ridgeway. When they notice strange things happening in the school they the quintet decide to sneak into the school at night.


Sam: Let's go there and hunt those ghosts.

Freddie: No!

Sam: Why not? You're afraid.

Freddie: Oh believe me, I lived with you. Nothing scares me anymore.

Natalie: (grabs Freddie's hand)

Freddie: What are you doing.

Natalie: They say that when you're afraid you should grab the hand of a close one.

Freddie: Okay, now I'm afraid.

Carly: Okay, we should split up. Okay Gibby and Sam in one team and Freddie, Natalie and me, in the other.

Gibby: You want to get me killed?

Carly: Okay, Natalie joins you.

Natalie: You want to get ME killed?

Carly: Okay, you guys are overreacting. Cooperating with Sam isn't that bad?

Freddie (at Carly): Believe me, it's bad.



  • After debating how the group should split up, Carly and Sam end up together two headed group.
  • When a door suddenly shuts loudly, Carly jumps in Sam's hands.


  • Carly purposed that Natalie should go in a team with Sam and Gibby, leaving Freddie and her alone.
  • She was defending her idea to put Natalie, Sam and Gibby in one team. She seemed upset when Freddie showed compassion to Gibby and Natalie.
  • Freddie says that Carly looks cute when she looked scared.


  • Natalie and Carly were sitting next to each other when listening to Spencer's story.


  • Carly didn't want Spencer to get worried about her.


  • Carly seems to agree with Gibby that he shouldn't be left alone with Sam.


  • When Freddie says: "Oh believe me, I lived with you. Nothing scares me anymore." Sam seemed to be a little amused by it.
  • Freddie also says that being with Sam is that bad, while smirking.


  • Sam and Natalie were put into one team originally by Carly.
  • Natalie still thinks Sam is going to kill her if the two are left alone, even with Gibby.


  • Sam seems to be the one who enjoyed Spencer's ghost story the most.


  • When Gibby thinks that Sam is going to kill him, Sam looked more hurt then when Natalie says so.


  • Natalie grabs Freddie's hand suddenly. This freaks him out a little bit, indicating that he might getting the hint.
  • Natalie and Freddie end up in a team together with Gibby, but interact more with each other than with Gibby.
  • When Freddie says that Carly looks cute when she's scared she looked hurt.


  • Freddie says that he burrowed boxers from Spencer.


  • Freddie and Gibby end up in a team together.


  • Natalie seemed to be the most afraid listener to Spencer's story and asked him the most questions.


  • Natalie and Gibby end up in a team together.
  • Gibby seemed annoyed that Natalie and Freddie interact a lot, without involving him in it, maybe pointing out jealousy to Natalie.


  • Spencer gives Gibby extra information about his ghost story.

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