Sorry for making multiple blogs, but it's about consistencies to my previous stories


Spencer helps Freddie to build a robot who looks like Freddie self. But when the robot comes alive, it turns to be evil and the two have to cooperate to defeat it.


Carly, Sam and Natalie have a girls only event at the bowling alley. Since Gibby has a hidden obsession with bowling he wants to join the girl. He crossdresses, but the girls don't pay it.


Sam: Hey, who are you.

Gibby: I'm Gibb- (pitched voice:) I mean I'm Gibette.

Freddie (to the robot): Listen boy, I'm your father, so you do as you say, mister. Shut yourself down!.

(robot shuts down)

Spencer: Where did that came from.

Freddie: I don't know. Immitating my mom.

Spencer: And does it work.

Freddie: No. Oh crap.

(robot reactivates)


  • Gibby is the third character who crossdresses. Sam and Spencer did that before him.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Carly participates in a subplot instead of a main plot.
  • This episode is a parody on Frankenstein.
  • When Sam yells "Oh no, she killed Freddie," she made possibly a reference to SouthPark's "Oh no, they killed Kenny"



  • Both Carly and Sam looked annoyed by Gibby.


  • When Freddie says "Have fun!" to the girls, Carly smiles at him.
  • When Robot-Freddie says, "Loove you Carly, loove you," Freddie says "How did that got there?"


  • Natalie and Carly interact a lot.


  • Carly seems worried when Sam tries to roll Gibby over the bowling alley.


  • Freddie asks where Sam is when he needs her.
  • When Natalie destroys Robot-Freddie, Sam screams: "Oh no, she killed Freddie,"


  • Both Sam and Natalie seemed reluctant to let 'Gibette' join them.


  • Sam is the first who notices that Gibette is Gibby.


  • Natalie says that she misses Freddie.
  • Natalie saves Freddie by destroying Robot-Freddie.


  • Freddie asks Gibby if he wants to join Spencer and him.
  • Gibby accepts at first, but rejects him later when he learns that the girls are at the bowling alley.
  • Freddie looked sympathetic to Gibby, when he rambles about bowling.


  • Freddie and Spencer hang out throughout the episode.
  • They team up against Robot-Freddie.


  • Natalie seemed to be the only one amused by Gibby's actions.


  • Spencer thanks Natalie for saving Freddie and himself.

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