A lot of people are saying that iCarly isn't drama and therefore somethings can't happen (Like a revival of Creddie :)) Well this blog isn't mainly about Creddie, just partially. Although I agree that iCarly doesn't contain as much drama as Degrassi, Boy Meets World or even Zoey 101, but there are pretty dramacomedic scenes and episodes in the show. Remember the moment Carly was about to leave in iWant to Stay With Spencer, remember how sad Carly and Freddie looked when they broke up in iSaved Your Life, have you noticed how sad Sam looked when she saw Carly and Freddie dancing at the Groovy Smoothie in iSpeed Date, remember the drama around Carly's bedroom in iGot a Hot Room. People there is actually drama in iCarly, not so much no, but still saying that iCarly isn't drama doesn't mean it doesn't contain drama at all is just not true.

And back to Creddie, (I'm so sorry to the Seddiers reading this, but you might want to skip this part) before iOMG Carly and Freddie are the only character who never ended an episode in a relationship (big chance that Carly will be the only one after iLMM), but they both had a couple of relationships. Carly had Griffin, Adam, Steven and Freddie had Valerie and the got each other too. Those are FIVE relationships broken up, with ONE relationship between two main characters. And to me it seemed the latter had A LOT of drama in it. So I wouldn't be surprised that if Sam and Freddie break up, some drama might accure, even in a goofy show as iCarly.

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