Hello everyone,

I'm just writing this blog to clear some things out. I feel accused for Ship Warring on a certain page and I understand that what I wrote might not fit with everyone's interpretation of 'not Ship Warring'. Let get some things clear.

I prefer honesty before being politically incorrect. I know somethings may come out pretty harsh if you hang on this line, but I don't like walking around the subject.

I don't hate Sam. I know that iCarly isn't iCarly without her and her character is pretty cool I guess. I just don't like how she treats Freddie (my favorite character).

I respect and certainly don't hate Seddie. In my opinion it's not like: 'I'm a Creddier, so I don't like Seddie'. WRONG! I do like Seddie, sometimes, if written well, but I simply like Creddie better. I still like Creddiam(Cameddie, Creseddie or whatever the name may be (Carly/Freddie/Sam) better than both of the two, but I won't spill it all over the site, cause I KNOW that a lot of people are offended by this. So here I will mainly defend the Creddie shipping.

I DO dislike Cam. Yep, that's my honesty part and now don't lynch me for not liking a certain ship, 'cause that's pretty much the same what happened to Freddie when he said he didn't think Fred was funny (That's the reason for the title). To make things clear once more I don't HATE Cam or Cammers for that matter. I just don't like it, okay?

I don’t mind if iOMG is going to be a Seddie episode. If it really happens I’m happy for you Seddie guys.

I strongly dislike Ship Warring. Even though I might seem to be out for another Ship War, I'm not. But I do like a little conflict, but not War. Personally I think the Ship Conflict is what the iCarly fanbase is keeping alive. I hope I made things clear and if there is something else you want to ask me about this, just reply or go to my talk place.
If I hurt someone I hereby sincerely apologize.

P.S.: Okay, still don't believe me? Here's a part of a fanfiction I wrote (around Valentines Day)., Okay, I admit it's a Creddie fic, cause that's the ship I prefer, but this chapter has also a good amount of Seddie in it. So if you aren't afraid of a Creddie fic, I dare you to read this chapter and say that I hate Seddie again.

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