• Camille Three Unicorns

    So I know most people out there are all for "Seddie" or "Creddie" and all that stuff. Personally, I don't care for the romance, although if I had to be one of the "shippers" (which makes me think of Fed-Ex) I guess I would be Seddie.

    My point is, I'm not a shipper. Why? Because it's so unrealistic and not funny. I don't CARE if Carly loves Freddie, but Freddie loves Sam, but Sam loves the guy who works at the Mexican-Italian restaurant. I only watch iCarly for the funny stuff, and in my opinion, these would be Spencer and Gibby (maybe even the the smoothie guy, whatever his name is). They're hilarious, and those characters alone would make and awesome iCarly spin-off show.

    Gibby and Spencer are by FAR the funniest on the show. They're so...o…

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