• Camlyn Lewis

    Ok I have a few sticky notes on my backround they are funny, sad etc... :) Here are a few of them :P...

    This is called...Ingoring Eachother (I'm making up titles XD)i am a person, not a mind is a world, not a place.i hear you speak, but never take it say i lose, but i always win.i'll cry you a river and watch you drown.because no longer can i stand this stubborn town.but when death isn't an option, and life just sucksit's hard to escape the hassle and the annoying stare me down as you pass byjust don't say you're sorry when i'm about to die. (This one doesn't have a title)Laugh Your Heart OutDance In The RainCherish The MomentIgnore The PainLive, Laugh, LoveForgive & ForgetLifes To Short To BeLiving With Regrets (N…

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