This is for those who were in the chatroom when one of the admins from the Glee wiki came in with a question. He sought me out for a one-on-one to explain his side.

He said he came on the iCarly chat to ask about which admin to speak to about a template he could borrow. He didn't mean to start bragging, he just started explaining who he was, and it came off wrong. When you all thought he was bragging, he got mad. He can't handle people calling him fake or mean. That's when he lashed out, called iCarly "a show for five year olds" and started spamming the F word. And that's when he got kickbanned.

He just wanted a template to use on the Glee wiki. That's all. He didn't mean to come off holier-than-thou or anything like that. Yes, he handled it wrong, but he was really, really mad.

He wanted me to let you guys know this. I told him to not expect forgiveness right away since everyone was pretty riled up before.

That's it.

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