So, we've all heard rumors about how there's gonna be a love triangle this season between the iCarly trio. For me, I'm hoping this will turn into an episode where Freddie has to choose between Carly and Sam.

Let me make this clear: I might ship Seddie most of the time, but I don't hate Creddie. I actually think they're kinda cute (especially in iSaved Your Life). I just prefer Seddie, and I think it's more likely to happen.

Here's what I think might happen if he picks either:

If he picks Carly: Sam will be PISSED. Pissed and humiliated. She probably will be too embarrassed to look at Freddie, and won't want to be around Carly if he's with her. She'll bully people at school worse than before, to vent her anger. This will probably happen for a few months before she's over the humiliation and can look Freddie without getting upset that he didn't pick her. At that point, they'll go back to being the frenemies they once were, where they manage to get along civilly, but most of the time, Sam hits him or pranks him.

If he picks Sam: Carly is less likely to be as upset as Sam, and not for as long as Sam. She'll try not to notice any awkward moments between her and her friends, and if Sam and Freddie end up getting too mushy while she's in the room with them (highly unlikely, but if they did), it would cause Carly to make a random, "Ahem... Hi... I'm still here," comment (and we've all seen Miranda's acting; it could be a little funny). Carly's not the kind of girl who gets extremely angry. The one time we saw her lose control is when she had "space madness" in iSpace Out.

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