So, Dan's holding a contest where he's giving away some props used in iPWV. In order to get those props, he tweeted seven questions that have to be answered and e-mailed to him in an hour.

1. In iParty With Victorious, two characters mention "soup" – which two characters?

2. What popular TV show from the 1970's is loosely referenced?

3. There were references to two TV shows I've produced in the past. What two shows?

4. Two characters are wearing shirts with peace signs on them. What are those two characters' names?

5. There are 3 websites mentioned in iParty With Victorious (ending in "dot com"). What are the 3 websites?

6. If you watch ALL of iParty With Victorious, you'll see two of the characters holding corn dogs. Which two characters?

7. How many followers does Rex have?

All other rules are explained here.

What are your best guesses?

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