Excerpt from a blog on here:

Also, I hate to break it to you guys, but the Seddie kiss was nothing more than what the Cabbie kiss (Victorious) was. It was fake. They didn't kiss because they liked each other, they kissed because they just wanted to get it over with.

While I agree that shipping wars have gotten out of control (and is mirrored in the promos of iStart a Fanwar), this just rubbed me the wrong way. Which brings us to a segment I like to call,

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REALLY?! Even though Sam and Freddie say they're doing this just to get their first kiss over with, they also say that they're not going to tell anyone about it. What would be the use in having a first kiss if no one knows that you had your first kiss? Really!? Them not telling anyone hints that maybe they just wanted to and it had nothing to do with just wanting to get their first kiss over with.


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