Not everyone goes on the chatroom, but this is still important to say.

The chatroom seems to be a magnet for trolls, hackers, and impostors. A lot of people know about John the Hacker. He hacked SeddieCherry, who had to make a brand new account. Several users were also impersonated in the chatroom, particularly Alica123. Any trolls, hackers, and impostors get an automatic kickban from me. Mak is trying to ensure that the chatroom has 24-hour surveillance in case any of those three come in to start trouble.

While this isn't something big to worry about anymore, some people have been joking in the chatroom saying, "I AM JOHN AND I HAVE HACKED THIS USER!" and leaving. After all that's happened (the Katydidit business included), I don't find this funny at all. I have quick reflexes and I usually won't hesitate to kickban if I think someone is a threat to the chatroom.

So I'm gonna say this once: BE CAREFUL HOW YOU JOKE. There's no sarcasm or "JK" key on your keyboard. Any "jokes" about being hacked by John are not funny. Same goes for "jokes" about secretly being Katydidit's secret backup account (hasn't happened yet, but I don't want it starting).

That is all. You may return to your regularly scheduled activities.

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