The new iOMG promo shows an ad to vote for your favorite OMG episodes for a three-hour marathon before iOMG (click here to vote). So my question is, out of the episodes they have for you to vote for, which six episodes would you want in your ideal three-hour marathon?

Season One
iPromise Not to Tell
iGot Detention

Season Two
iSaw Him First
iOwe You
iMeet Fred
iLook Alike
iMake Sam Girlier

Season Three
iThink They Kissed
iSpeed Date
iSaved Your Life
iWas a Pageant Girl
iWon't Cancel the Show

Season Four
iSam's Mom
iGet Pranky
iSell Penny Tee's
iHire an Idiot
iPity the Nevel

My dream marathon would be iWon't Cancel the Show, iSpeed Date, iSaved Your Life, iTwins, iKiss, and iThink They Kissed.

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