The gifs in my Photobucket are arranged by reaction or emotion. Not all of them are related to iCarly. They are mostly gifs that I post in reply to certain comments whether they're controversial and start arguments or if they're smart, well-worded, and I agree with it. These are my shaking and crying gifs.


RbAUm331gkgh2ldhzxgB8qxyu13z4eafGaysiandumbledore57af6af9Tumblr lg2a2z2z1q1qddh7fTumblr lh7dbhz5ay1qhxr17o1 400Tumblr lwkbxxXkT71qlhfvgTumblr lwm2gpvf6I1qzv7c2Tumblr lvxwqcRaQD1r2m0aqTumblr lww118MASn1qdq49sTumblr lwy15bJKZG1qhjgo1Tumblr lw06kkqPBJ1qbz2k0Tumblr lx53ekevQm1qislgoTumblr lkwqriXdA81qzcp4lTumblr lv4wzrMeJ31qd3yycTumblr lx8w9oXB5g1qh75juTumblr lx9iv2qOHN1qdrpdrTumblr lx729hxsLh1qjqbuzTumblr lwjdw3W2LU1ql5i0bTumblr lx6tszI4KT1r9x0sdo1 500Tumblr lo97v80Rwa1qdyefxTumblr lxeky8iPFC1qfh53zTumblr lwex40EIPi1qihqr8Tumblr lxghs7wTyO1qdck7wTumblr lxp52lSTfJ1qda79mTumblr lxr00kn5E31qzhn5rTumblr lxr0c7fd8B1qipdcbTumblr lxi3cwtr1v1qaa9xeTumblr lxyrf2VuiS1qconqnTumblr ly0rfrKUdi1qge5eoTumblr lr2h2pg3ES1qagzyjTumblr lyh51crnJw1qejkb4Tumblr lyj76p3ddy1qhdrvm

To post a gif in a comment, type two --> [, "File:", the file name of the gif, then two --> ].

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