In case you guys don't know yet, Creddie4.0 is back, but as Creddie5.0. We all know what happened with the previous account (if you don't, click here: I ran this by *Baka-Me*, and she liked the idea, so here goes.

Creddie5.0 is not a Creddier. He's a troll. Ever heard the saying, "don't feed the troll"? I suggest that if things get worse, we do this. This involves either just ignoring him, or, if you're up to it, boycotting the wikia until iOMG airs.

I also suggest that the night iOMG airs, that I would post two separate watchalong threads; a Seddie thread and a Creddie thread. That way no ship warring starts up in the threads. I've never seen any watchalong threads on here before, and I figured it'd be a nice thing for us to do together.

Let me know what you guys think. And remember,

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