The gifs in my Photobucket are arranged by reaction or emotion. Not all of them are related to iCarly. They are mostly gifs that I post in reply to certain comments whether they're controversial and start arguments or if they're smart, well-worded, and I agree with it. These are my "what" gifs.


24dphzk1290632991281Stark41Tumblr lbiz4yQt9j1qde33io1 500Bgnqwz1r6ouoWut glee11vs2zmjpgTumblr lfca4vQqlW1qfi0ijo1 400Tumblr lxn7l83L1Z1r19rx7Tumblr lxuf4eKyN51qfcji6Tumblr lybr1ulg0H1r1h3nz

To post a gif in a comment, type two --> [, "File:", the file name of the gif, then two --> ].

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