1. Random words make you think of the people on the chat (Reason, Fudge, Banana, Church, Candy, etc.)
  2. You try to start "SOILED IT" with your real life friends, but they just look at you.
  3. You want to say XD in real life but it'll sound like EX DEE. - Magicboots
  4. You see the word "coke" and immediately are reminded of "coking". - Samlovesham
  5. You try to hide words, you SAY "cough" instead of actually coughing. - Jon23812
  6. You try to play the Next Person Game with your friends. - Churchpants
  7. You get bored or want to tick someone off, you enter space so that you have no comment/blank comment, and hope that everyone does the same. - MaryanHPotterFan98
  8. Uou actually write ":P" or "xD" or something like that in an assignment for school. - ICarlyRulez5101
  9. You are like "Why can't someone just kickban them?" when you meet someone annoying in real life. - Alica123
  10. You tell your friends about Chon and Preason and they have no clue what you are talking about. - SCherry08

What else you got?

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