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And finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the results of the first ever iCarly Wiki Awards! I also have to congratulate and thank you all because apparently there was minimal cheating on the awards.

First place, second place, third place, and honorable mention will be awarded. The award medals were made by Alica123.

Best Episode
Honorable Mention: iSpeed Date & iGet Pranky (tie)
3rd Place: iOMG
2nd Place: iLost My Mind
1st Place: iLove You

Best Long Episode
Honorable Mention: iDate a Bad Boy & iFight Shelby Marx (tie)
3rd Place: iGo to Japan
2nd Place: iParty With Victorious
1st Place: iPsycho & iQuit iCarly (tie)

Best Character
Honorable Mention: T-Bo
3rd Place: Carly & Freddie (tie)
2nd Place: Spencer
1st Place: Sam

Best Quote
Honorable Mention: “Dipthong!” - Spencer, iCook
3rd Place: “I’ll get my boobs!” - Spencer, iLost My Mind & "You've seen the Animal Channel! The...the horses. When they want two horses to...y' They put them in the same barn together, and then they, like...turn the barn lights down... Oh, you know what I'm talking about, why are you making me say it?" - Carly, iOMG (tie)
2nd Place: "Why you so stooopid?" - Sam, iSpaceout
1st Place: "Why? Is Santa Claus here to tell me that I'm ugly and have no friends?" - Spencer, iHeart Art

Most Epic Moment
Honorable Mention: Sam beats Spencer in Assassin - iSaved Your Life
3rd Place: Gibby fights Nora - iPsycho
2nd Place: Carly and Sam’s near death experience on the window washer’s platform - iQuit iCarly
1st Place: Sam kisses Freddie - iOMG

Most Random Moment
Honorable Mention: Gilbert shouts “Seddie!” - iStart a Fanwar
3rd Place: Drake Bell makes a surprise appearance - iBloop
2nd Place: Sam and Freddie’s double slap - iCook
1st Place: Spencer buys Mexican sponges - iWant My Website Back

Most Dedicated User
Honorable Mention: XSophieSakura & EpicFork (tie)
3rd Place: Mak23686
2nd Place: Alica123
1st Place: DevonAndersen

Most Random User
Honorable Mention: PurpleStripedFudgeParole239
3rd Place: Holy Chiz & MirandaCosgroveFan13 (tie)
2nd Place: Neveischeese & EpicFork/MirandaCosgrove21 (tie)
1st Place: ILoveSeddie1234321

Friendliest User
Honorable Mention: SpencerFanGirl123
3rd Place: StraightACarlaay
2nd Place: Samlovesham
1st Place: Holy Chiz

Most Artistic User
Honorable Mention: CookieMischeif & LoveMeDo/AllYouNeedIsSeddie (tie)
3rd Place: EpicFork
2nd Place: CreddieCupcake
1st Place: Desu! Hihi!

Best Fanfiction Writer
Honorable Mention: Days are gone/ SCherry08
3rd Place: Sockstar1 & ICarlyismelife (tie)
2nd Place: DoubleCross
1st Place: Candycoateddoom

Best Blog Writer
Honorable Mention: N/A
3rd Place: NerdyNoName & Churchpants (tie)
2nd Place: XxiOMGxx, GiantKid, & Seddiegirl98 (tie)
1st Place: Cartoonprincess

Most Original Username
Honorable Mention: Holy Chiz
3rd Place: Candycoateddoom
2nd Place: ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie & Otherwordly Poptart (tie)
1st Place: SmartiesTubesOnCatsLegsMakesThemWalkLikeARobot

Hardcore-est Seddie Shipper
Honorable Mention: ObsessiveSeddieDisorder
3rd Place: RosalieTheBrave
2nd Place: DevonAndersen
1st Place: Slicknickshady

Hardcore-est Creddie Shipper
Honorable Mention: Creddie 4 real
3rd Place: Lotstar, Sockstar1, & GiantKid (tie)
2nd Place: MirandaCosgroveFan13
1st Place: CreddieCupcake

Hardcore-est Cam Shipper
Honorable Mention: TurnOnYourCam
3rd Place: Alica123
2nd Place: The Sam Puckett
1st Place: Mak23686

Most Awesome-est Admin
Honorable Mention: ILoveSeddie1234321
3rd Place: XSophieSakura & Lotstar (tie)
2nd Place: Mak23686 & DevonAndersen (tie)
1st Place: Alica123

Most Awesome-est Chatmod
Honorable Mention: DoubleCross & Jon23812 (tie)
3rd Place: Magicboots, Otherwordly Poptart, & Samlovesham (tie)
2nd Place: Latersgee
1st Place: Candycoateddoom & Cartoonprincess (tie)

If you won a medal, feel free to use the comments to make your acceptance speech, wait a few minutes, then check your talk page. ;)

Congratulations to everyone who won and, of course, Happy Holidays!

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