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The time has come (the walrus said) to vote in the iCarly Wiki Awards!

Because we can’t hide results of a poll on the wiki from people voting, all the voting will take place here and here. Now you can vote for yourself. Once you vote, that’s it. You can’t vote again.

However, due to a recent admin poll, there is a way of finding out if someone manages to vote more than once, so as a preventative measure, Alica123 will act as my tech support. If it’s been discovered that some people voted more than once, those votes will just count once, so don’t bother trying to get around it. You have been warned.

Why can you vote for yourself now, but you couldn’t nominate yourself before? The poll is anonymous, and the website that made the poll doesn’t tell me who’s who. Therefore, I have no control over who you decide to vote for. At least I had a level of control over the nominations.

Voting closes on December 28th at 12 AM EST. Everyone has a full ten days to vote.

Put on the administrator blogs with permission of Alica123, if any administrator disagrees with it, please contact her.

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