• Cartoonprincess

    NOTE: The word "bash" looks weird if you look at it too long. ._.

    In the midst of all the drama we've had lately (both here and on the Sam and Cat wiki), Cooldog and I have been discussing what constitutes as "bashing."

    In my personal opinion, this kind of thing should not be overanalyzed and overregulated because, frankly, it limits the discussion. I believe we are fully capable of having mature and rational conversations on these topics. Even if we don't completely agree with one another on certain matters, we should be able to respect each other's opinions and not automatically accuse others of indiscretion or react defensively

    As we've established before, we are ALL biased. Therefore, if someone likes or dislikes a celebrity, it is inevitably going to refl…

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  • Cartoonprincess


    For those who weren't here from 2010-2012 (aka. most of you), I used to be kind of famous for my blog posts because they encouraged all kinds of debates and discussions on a wide array of different topics. However, the community was much larger back then and the average blog could have anywhere from 300-500 comments and sometimes even ranging near the thousands. It was an amazing time for someone like me who unofficially makes a living discussing topics pertaining to iCarly and the cast.

    Anyway, somewhat on the topic of the cast, since we all have such strong opinions here regarding Jennette and the crew, I thought it might be fun to go in thurough detail about how we feel about all…

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  • Cartoonprincess

    NOTE: I was bored. Therefore, I made this. :D

    I've been creating a bunch of random rhymes lately, so I thought it would be fun if I wrote short, silly poems to all the wikians. Just leave a comment below if you are interested. You guys can also write poems to each other. ;)

    Okay, random blog over! :DDD

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  • Cartoonprincess

    NOTE: I know much of this has already been said, but I really felt the need to get my thoughts in writing. xP

    Dan's first major mistake was promoting Gibby to a main character. Gibby was awesome back when he showed up at random times and had funny one-liners. However, all that changed as soon as he was added to the main cast. Suddenly, his character wasn't as fun and loveable anymore, and instead was conceited, obsessive, stupid and an overall idiot. Not to mention that Dan created the absolute lamest catchphrase for him (Gibbeehh) and he decided to stick with it like hell. Plus, the fact that he was older now made his role a bit more awkward. Perhaps the saddest part of all is that he no longer took off his shirt. In my opinion, his addition was pro…

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  • Cartoonprincess

    NOTE: Due to the random question mark problem this wiki has been having lately, there will be a stunning lack of bolds and italics in this blog. ;_;

    This is just another game blog.

    The object is that you manage to cram as many iCarly references in a sentence as possible.


    I was strolling on my way to church wearing my trusty church pants when I realized there was some butter in my sock.

    "THIS IS JANK!" I exclaimed.

    Outraged, I slipped off my Daka shoe and squeezed all the chiz out of my sock.

    In an attempt to calm myself down, I decided to stop for a spaghetti taco. Sitting on one of the stools was a blonde chick who said she was on parole and was holding a baby. She called herself Sam. She ordered the ham.

    "I do love ham," she said.

    All of a …

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