Basically, you answer these three questions (maybe 2) regarding your experience with iCarly.

1. How did you discover iCarly?

2. What was the first episode you ever saw?

3. If you ship, how did you get to be the shipper you are today?

Here's my iCarly story:

My story is actually pretty simple; I was a major fan of Drake and Josh and Zoey 101, so a show created by Dan Schneider, starring Drake and Josh's very own Miranda Cosgrove was definitely something I wanted to see!

That being said, the first episode I ever saw was obviously the pilot.

When the show first started out, I didn't even know about shipping. And I didn't really "ship" at all, until late Season 2. I just watched the show mainly for it's humor and laughed whenever Freddie would try to hit on Carly. As I started looking more into the show, and looked up videos and fanfics, I became a Seddie Girl, for life! Afterward, I admit that watching the show was way more enjoyable for me because I started looking for cute moments and such.

So, what's your story!? I demand you to tell me! I mean it! Don't make me use my butter sock on you!!! (I'm just kidding, I don't have one; but how awesome would that be!?!? Imma go make one!!!!)

Anyway, seriously, tell me!!!! ;)

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