This topic has come to my attention, recently. And yes, I realize that these questions have been floating around since the beginning, and I'm not the first person to ask them.

We all know Carly Shay; unbelievably nice, super-sweet, annoyingly adorable and incredibly cheerful.

And we all know Spencer Shay; extremely energetic, famously fun-loving and an overall happy-go-lucky person.

Does anyone else find this a bit bizarre?

Think about it; their father is in the Navy and never comes to visit and their mother is never seen or mentioned.

You'd think Carly would be a lot more like Sam; being aggressive to hide the hurt. You'd think Spencer would base some of his art on the heart-wrenching pain he feels, not being able to spend time with his parents, and having to raise his little sister, all by himself.

Now, I realize this is a comedy show and not a drama, but it kind of makes me mad that Dan doesn't trust his audience enough to take it a step forward and reveal what happened to his characters' parents. He did the same thing to us with Drake and Josh.

So, do you think Carly may be acting overly cheerful to hide the hurt? Do you think Spencer throws himself into his art to keep his mind off some things? And what about Freddie and his unmentioned father? Do you think there could be a connection between his absense and his overcontrolling mother? Discuss!

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