NOTE: Okay, THIS is the super-secret surprise blog I wouldn't shut up about. :D It's probably a lot lamer than I hyped it up to be. xP

As you might already know, my mother hates this place.

She took a strong disliking to it last year when I was severely addicted and it affected my grades. Thus, I was promptly grounded from the wiki for an unbearable 4 months. However, this year, my grades have significantly improved and she is aware of this.

Nevertheless, she still only tolerates my activity on the wiki. It recently dawned on me that if my mother got to meet and witness everyone I've come to know and love here, she may lighten up and actually accept my hobby.

Thus, this blog was born! :P



All are encouraged to participate! But don't just say, "HI, CARTOONPRINCESS' MOM!"

Ask her questions, get to know her better, engage in friendly conversation. (She needs to practice her English, anyway! LOL xD) Although, she does reserve the right not to answer questions that she feels are too personal.

How will you know it's really my mom and not just me??? Well, first and foremost, ya gotta take my word for it. If my mom is responding to a post, she will sign it with "--Mama--". If the post does not have this signature, then it is just me, and chances are, I am going to comment, as well. ;)

Btw, if you were wondering about the title of this blog, it's just a silly pun. See, if I'm a "princess", then my mother has to be a..."queen". Get it? No? Okay. xP

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