That's right! I went there! (I don't know.)

Let's start with Cibby. I personally think that Carly and Gibby look really cute and sweet together, but would Gibby be happy with Carly? As I've mentioned before, Carly seems to be the only one (other than Freddie) who treats Gibby with an ounce of respect. She always defends him, and cares about when he throws up or "gets his hair done all special", and even considered going to the Girl's Choice Dance with him. Gibby needs someone like that in his life because he always seems to get the short end of the stick, and Carly is the only one who understands him. (Similar to Seddie, in that respect.)

Now, let's move on to Sibby. Sam and Gibby seem to get along pretty well. (Better than her relationship with Freddie, anyway.) Their personalities tend to compliment eachother in the few scenes that they are together. (iSpeed Date, iSaved Your Life) Sam appeared to be really upset when Gibby rejected her to go to the Girl's Choice Dance. It seemed to be the one thing on her mind that entire episode, which means that she probably really does care about what guys think of her, as much as she'd hate to admit it. Nevertheless, Gibby looked like he would've liked to go to the dance with her, but obviously, he couldn't. Would Gibby be happy with Sam? Probably. Would he be happier with Carly? I honestly don't know.

That's for YOU to decide!!!! Would Gibby be happier with the girl who understands him, and is nice to him? OR the girl who he really gets along with and relates to? DISCUSS!!!!!

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