After watching the iHire an Idiot promo, I realized something.

They said that iCarly was becoming more popular, and I think it's starting to strain their friendship. Just look at what Freddie is doing! Hiring a cute girl to get back at them for hiring Cort! Even though Carly does deserve it (and I suppose Sam does, too) it still surprised me that he would stoop this low. I think iCarly is becoming more of a business than how it started out as with friendship, and I think that's what we don't like about Season 4. They barely spoke to eachorther in iStart a Fanwar. Maybe I'm getting too emotional about this, but it seems like they might be getting big heads. They're growing up, too. So should they continue doing iCarly and risk the friendship, of should they just quit and save what's left of it? DISCUSS!!!!

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