This question occurred to me, last night! I'll keep this one short and simple!!!!

In my Seddie-biased brain, Sam and Freddie's first kiss was pretty darn meaningful. Even if they said it was "just to get it over with", we all know they secretly enjoyed it!

As for Carly and Freddie's many kisses, I have to admit that the nasal kiss was adorable, if you would count that one! Also, as much as I hate to admit it, when Carly said, "You saved my life." and then leaned in to kiss him, it was a very meaningful moment for the both of them, even if Carly didn't feel anything romantic towards him previously. However, the many kisses that happened afterward meant nothing, in my eyes. Just pure, compulsive selfishness and greed, except for the last one, on the cheek, which I do believe meant something. What, exactly? I don't know.

But all this raises the question: Which one(s) was more meaningful? Creddie or Seddie? You decide!!!!! :D

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