My good friend FFF T brought up a good point. Does Sam deserve Freddie?

I have to admit, even as a Seddie shipper, I was a bit torn at this question. On the one hand, Sam is very cruel and brutal to Freddie, and it kinda makes you wonder when friendly teasing turns into flat-out abuse. On the other hand, Sam barely has anything, which is why she spends so much time at Carly's. Meanwhile, Carly seems to have everything; a fun-loving brother, an awesome, expensive room; plus she's pretty and popular and the star of a webshow that's named after her! Would getting to date Freddie just simply be too much? Anyway, the way I see it, Sam and Freddie do care about eachother, and that brings up the point that Freddie is the only guy that does care about her, since she doesn't even have a dad. Well, Spencer obviously cares about her, too, but that's a whole other debate, right there! Freddie doesn't deserve to be treated the way Sam treats him, but he does need to have some excitement and danger in his life. While Sam teaches Freddie to cut loose, Freddie could teach Sam to tone down, and not be so aggressive.

As you can see, I'm pretty confused, and haven't really formed an opinion, yet, but that's where you guys come in. What do you think? Where do you stand? Do you feel sympathy for Sam, and think that Freddie is the perfect candidate to show her compassion, and teach her to be less vicious, or do you think Sam just goes too far, and a relationship based on bickering is just destined for failure? Discuss, discuss, discuss!!!!!!

On a side-note, I really, really appreciate all the feedback you guys have been giving me! I never dreamed my blogs would become this popular, and I'm really grateful for the nice, smart, insightful things you guys have said. You really know how to defend your ship well! I also appreciate the extreme lack of fighting between ships. Both sides have acted very mature, and have brought up excellent points! You guys rock!!!!!!! :D

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