I always think it is interesting to reflect on how much we've changed and matured as individuals since we have joined the wiki. So, in the spirit of true reflection...

  1. What was the very first edit you made?
  2. What was the very first comment you made?
  3. How does this compare and contrast with the tone and overall personality you have now? Is it more or less the same? Or have you significantly grown as a person, since then?

The very first edit I made was to the iGet Pranky page. I changed Spencer's age from 14 to 15, since technically he would be 29 in the 4th season and his flashback took place 14 years ago.

Brace yourself; this is the first comment I made (on the iSAFW page):

I personally think Seddie will happen. Here is why: 1. Carly has been rejecting Freddie since the very first episode, and she didn't start liking him until he saved her life. Freddie has done countless other nice things for her, but she never appreciated it until now. 2. Freddie took SAM'S advice and broke up with her. 3. Ever since iSYL, Freddie hasn't flirted with Carly, at all. In fact, besides the dance, there have barely been any instances in Season 3 or 4 that Freddie has hinted his love for Carly, except for maybe iDo, but, she rejected him in that episode, as well. 4. Freddie said that after his cast came off, they could try dating again, but nothing has happened. 5. Dan said himself that Freddie is getting over Carly. 6. Dan also said that Sam and Freddie don't really hate eachother. 7. Some may argue that Sam is way too mean to Freddie, and it would be terrible if they ended up together, but I have a feeling that there's a deeper meaning behind why Sam always picks on him; either she likes him, or she's just really lonely and picks on him to make herself feel better. I know that Sam shouldn't do this, but I honestly think that the emotional pain that Carly gives Freddie when she constantly rejects him is much worse than the physical pain Sam gives him. Also, with the exception of iSell Penny Tees, Freddie and Sam don't seem to be teasing eachother as much as they did before. 8. Starting in late season 2, Freddie actually seems to enjoy Sam's teasing and likes to tease her back. 9. Why would Dan write iKiss unless he wanted Sam and Freddie to be together? The ending scene is so sweet, and they both say "I 'hate' you", which is code for "I like you a lot, but I would never admit it because we are supposed to hate eachother". Plus, the ending scene in iTTK implies that they enjoyed the kiss because neither one of them said no, right away. 10. Even if Creddie doesn't happen, you Creddiers should still be EXTREMELY grateful, because you already got like, 5 kisses AND a 35 minute kiss!!!!! Okay, I'm done. I know some of those weren't really reasons why Seddie will happen, but they were just things I've wanted to point out for a long time.

You can clearly see how childish I was. However, in my defense, I had waited forever to express my opinions on Creddie/Seddie; in the wiki or elsewhere. I just kinda had to let it all out, you know?

As for how I've changed since then, I guess you could say I'm a teensy bit more polite when it comes to expressing my opinions. Also, nowadays, I don't think I would waste my breath creating an entire list of reasons, especially on a page that was more or less unrelated to what I was talking about.

I like to think I'm a bit more mature now, as well. I did away with so much puncuation!!!!!!! I SCREAM a lot less; only when absolutely nessesary.

Since this was my first post, I obviously didn't know anybody yet. Nor did I ever imagine that things would get as serious as they did. I certainly did not anticipate that I would become so passionate about this wiki and everyone in it. So, clearly, at this point, I was not trying to make any kind of impression on anyone. I just figured I would occasionally come, spit out my $0.02, and then be done. However, after my first popular blog, the rest was history. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I had a status. This meant that it was now important for me to think twice before I posted something, for the sake of maintaining a good reputation.

However, one thing that hasn't changed about me is that I have always tried to be friendly to everyone. After all, you do deserve it. This both benefited me and backfired on me, early on.

Anyway, recent events have made me realize a lot about myself that I previously wasn't aware of. Lessons that I probably would not have been able to learn, on my own. So, for that I will forever be grateful to this wiki, and for the wonderful people here who helped me blossum.

Okay, that's BEYOND ENOUGH about me! Now, it's your turn; please answer the three questions above.

Just as a bonus, here is the very first blog I ever wrote. It is laughably terrible, but eerily ironic:,_all!

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