I'm starting a blog series.

Yes, that's right.

Now, before you accuse me of being just like everybody else, you must know that I have had this idea for the longest time. Way before I even joined the wiki. This is a concept I've always wanted to write about, and up until recently, I didn't have the motivation to do it. However, it has all started to come together, and I think I'm finally ready to take the challenge of writing it. :)

Here is a little background to the story:

Those of you that know me best know that I am a constant daydreamer, and that that these daydreams have only intensified overtime. It started out with just TV shows, then eventually expanded to the online universe we call the wiki.

Esentially, what happens in the story is that I actually end up in my own fantasy world. Everything that happens from that point forward is really happening, but it is all taking place in my own mind. Eventually, everyone in the wiki gets sucked in to my mind as well, and you guys play a more important role in the plot than you might think. ;D

The story itself is going to be very personal. I am going to be bravely and brutally honest, just as if my mind were literally being poured into every chapter. This basically means that my character will be coming to terms with a lot of her own real life insecurities.

Music from my life will also be incorporated. I know that it's a little corny to have the song lyrics tell the story, but the songs really do explain my life and they mean a lot to me.

Due to the bizarre premise of the story, it is likely to get a little confusing and quite frankly, it will be nearly impossible to explain everything. Just try to keep an open mind and use your imaginations. ;)

Even though it is mostly written in my point of view, it will be in the third person and I will not be using my real name. As of right now, the main themes are Dark Fantasy/Adventure/Actionish with a few romantic subplots thrown in...

Okay, I think that's everything you need to know, for right now. I hope to stay consistent when it comes to posting chapters, but no promises. Also, I have absolutely no idea how that subscription stuff works, so for now, if you like the story, just....keep reading it. :D

Okay, we'll see how all this xP

Cartoonprincess 15:38, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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