I like to think of us as a family and families have no secrets. ;)

  • Ever wondered what the inspiration was behind the name Cartoonprincess? Well, from a very young age, I have developed this obsession with television, and from this obsession, I began developing strange crushes on cartoon characters. From Bugs Bunny to Spongebob, I've liked 'em all. You name it, it's on the list. And for every one of these crushes, I've created zany scenarios in which I meet them; either as myself, or through a character, but usually the second one. And yes, I occasionally imagine I'm the princess of these cartoons. Gotta problem with that!? :P
  • I daydream all the time. I can honestly say I spend 95% of my time in my own little world. LOL
  • In one of my little "alternate realities", Nathan Kress is madly in-love with me. (No need to tell me how pathetic that is; I'm well-aware. xD)
  • In my mind, I've created at least 50 situations in which we all meet eachother, and all the hilarious, dramatic and even romantic events that ensue.
  • I have a very bizarre sneeze fetish.
  • I love it when guys blush.
  • My 6th grade year (when I was 12) was the best year of my life! xD
  • Up until recently, I was a very avid nail-biter, but thanks to Sally Hansen, they're finally growing! :)
  • I hate the sound of knives to a plate.
  • The feeling of hunger actually makes me lose my appetite.
  • I am infatuated with white chocolate.

Okay, I'm gonna stop here before you lose any and all respect you have for me. LOL

So, what about you guys? Got any freaky fetishes? Pet peeves? Or overall fun facts about yourself that you'd like to share? I encourage you to put them here. A little risky? Yes. However, I think this will make us know, as a family. :P

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If what you have in mind is too gross or personal, I would prefer if you'd keep it to yourself; we don't have to let everything out. o_O

Good god, what have I done...?

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