Okay, if you were to meet the cast of iCarly, how would you react??? Are you one of those obsessed, screaming fangirls who would rip Nathan's clothes off? Would you faint if you even caught a glimpse of Jennette? I'm pretty sure they'd be creeped out by me...

Here's How I Would React:

Miranda Cosgrove: I would be pumped and would eagerly anticipate meeting her. A simple autograph would satisfy me!

Jennette McCurdy: It would be amazing if I could have a conversation with her and hang out with her. She seems like such a great person!!!

Nathan Kress: I would probably throw up upon seeing him, and then die, because those brown eyes kill me...

Jerry Trainor: I would scream and babble his famous quotes under my breath and repeat his name over and over!

Noah Munck: I would yell "GIBBY", at the top of my lungs and run up to him and give him a big hug!!!!

Dan Schneider: I'd do anything to shake his hand and say, "Dude, you are a genius and nothing less. Oh, and also, I worship you..."

So, yeah, how would you react????? LOL!

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