NOTE: I apologize in advance if this blog comes across as harsh or nasty. This is obviously not directed at all Cam and Creddie shippers, but simply the ones that threaten to stop watching the show just because of what they think they saw in the iLMM promo.

Okay, there's a lot I want to point out in this blog, so forgive me if it's a little messy.

First and foremost, the reason I feel the need to write this blog is because of how ungrateful some of you are being. Allow me to explain: Try putting yourselves in our shoes. Throughout the course of the series, us Seddiers have soley relied on minor hints that regular viewers would probably find insignificant. Meanwhile, Creddie has always sort of been in the spotlight. Up until very recently, us Seddiers thought we were doomed to be in Creddie's shadow, forever.

What I ask, nay, beg of you is to let us have our moment in the sun.

If it makes you feel any better, I don't like the way Seddie is being portrayed in the promos. I agree that things are moving too quickly. Any relationship that is rushed like this is almost bound for failure. Not to mention that it completely contradicts what Dan said earlier. He states that the show is not all about shipping. Yet 5 episodes are being devoted to Seddie? It's like he's asking for complaints.

Also, some of you seem to be forgetting the countless Creddie moments you've had this season, alone. Did you guys already forget iStart a Fanwar? May I gently remind you that almost the entire episode is pushing Creddie?

Anyway, just because Sam and Freddie are supposedly dating in iLost My Mind or a couple episodes afterward does not guarantee that it will last. Remember iBreak Up?

And even if it does last, it does not mean there won't still be cute interactions between Carly and Freddie.

As for you Cam shippers, Carly and Sam are best friends. That's something that's never going to change. You think their sweet friendship moments are going to stop just because Sam and Freddie are dating?

Now, Dan could easily dissappoint all of us if Seddie ends up being all lovey-dovey.

Just a few things to think about....

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