NOTE: In the midst of all the drama we've been having lately, you may have forgotten that I was even writing a letter to Dan Schneider. It turned out quite good, if I do say so myself. I originally planned on adding a lot more to it, but due to limited time, this will have to suffice. Please tell me what you think, before I send it! I'm so eager and anxious to see if he replies! :D

From *All* Of Us At The iCarly Wiki :)[1]Edit

Dear Dan Schneider,

It is my greatest pleasure and honor to present and introduce to you the most devoted, passionate fans, as well as some of the most wonderful, incredible, amazing, intelligent, creative people that you're ever going to meet. Individually, we are as different as can be; we are all different ages, and from different parts of the world, and from all different walks of life. But the one thing we have in common; the one thing that brings us all together as a family, is our undying love for you and your shows. Together, we have formed unbreakable bonds that cannot be replaced by anything else in the universe.

You may be wondering who I am. No, I am not the creator or an administrator of this wiki. I'm just a regular, everyday user who commits to her television every afternoon to enjoy your shows, and commits to her computer to discuss and laugh about them. Above all, I'm just a modest wiki addict who simply wants our voices to be heard by the man, himself.

I literally grew up with your shows, and all I can say is, you are a true genius. Very few people in the TV business know how to make a scene tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings, at the same time. What you and the rest of the writers have is a gift.

Oftentimes, we don't realize the massive impact we have on others until it is shown to us. In order to effectively and eloquently show you the influence you have had on so many lives, I have decided to quote a few of our amazing users in this letter. This does not even begin to cover the amount of hearts that you have touched. I only wish I could include everybody. However, hopefully, this will remind you of the main reason you do what you do in the first place. :)

NeneG says: Hi

Purple xx says: i love Unicorns and Cat!!! And Seddie!! Hahaha xD

Purpleface95 wants to know when you think iCarly will end.

PurpleStripedFudgeParole239 would like to see Brad in more episodes.

Purpleluv1316 suggests that you stop editing your blogs so much or at least to tell us why you do.

PurpleJerk says: Mr. Schneider, I admire you, but what I'll never forget is that I got a detention just because of you! I threw an orange at my teacher - I was just playing Boomba! I hope you're happy. And after reading your blog, orange juice started to come out of my nose and I even wasn't drinking one! Coincidence? I don't think so. As much as I love you, stop bother me with oranges. Thank you. Love, PurpleJerk

ObsessiveSeddieDisorder said: Tell him that he is the best producer EVER, and that he is a comedy wizard! Also tell him that I am obsessed with iCarly and to never stop making awesome shows! :D

Churchpants said: Tell him that he is the best producer that has ever lived!! That all his shows are an EPIC win and that he should create TV shows until he dies. Tell him I am obsessed with iCarly and SEDDIE also!! LOL!!!

Fernanda Salvatore said: Tell him that he's a complete comedy genius!!! And that I'm extremely obsessed with iCarly! And that iCarly changed my life completely! I'm the person I am today because of him, and I'm really thankful to him for it! =)

Jon23812 suggests that you not make anymore multi-part episodes because there are usually long waits in-between.

Mak23686 suggests that you ask Nick to air the episode in continuous five week intervals instead of airing a few in two week intervals only to torture us with ten week dry spells afterwards.

MaryanHPotterFan98 says: Dear Dan, Make Seddie happen, or I'll punch you in the face! Just kidding! But I'm serious about the Seddie part. -Maryan Just kidding! Tell him that he's awesome. That's all that is needed to be heard! Aha! xD

SeddieJathanFan said: Tell him I think he is awesome! Oh and that I got in trouble 4 starting a fan war at my school! :]

Selina Green Charmed said: I'd just ask him to insert more awesome Cam moments. I know Cam probably won't ever happen, but looking for the moments are super fun for me :)

Noodlebooty says: I just want him to know how much of a comedic genius he is, and how much I enjoy watching all his shows :)

Guydudeasian suggests that we have more major holiday episodes like Freddie's B-day and New Year's.

ILoveSeddie1234321 said: Tell him that I think he is so freaking amazing! I loved all this shows and I hope he continue creating the most epic shows on earth! :D

ANT 157349 said: I'd tell him to please put in some Cam and bring back Melanie!!! (:

SilverV1 said: tell him i think he is a genuis and i love every show he has created especially icarly, drake and josh, and kennen and kel (:

Kittygirl7878 said: tell him he should write more fun fact blogs for his episodes

LiSi said: Tell him I grew up on his shows and they helped define my sense of humor and with the premier of iCarly he just pulled me back from the brink of thinking I was "too old" to watch Nick shows :) Tell him I've spent hours and days laughing and loving all for iCarly and I wouldn't trade them back for the world :)

Seddiefoeva said: tell him that i really love drake and and josh,icarly,victorious, and zoey 101 and that you awesome shows and when i am a adult i will still watch your shows even if its for kids

HeyPeople145 suggests that Sam's dad be shown in an episode.

Latersgee says: Hi Dan, I'm another one of the many kids who grew up with your awesome shows. I love iCarly enough to make an account on this wiki to mingle with others who do too! I hope you'll be making more shows on Nick after the current ones running are over. They'll be just as amazing the ones airing now and from the past. How I wish All That reruns were airing. Thanks for the great childhood. (wow I feel like I'm writing to Santa Claus) P.S What ever happened to Carly's mother?

FreddieSeddieI'mReady said: Please tell Dan that I love him and i would certainly love to be in one of his shows one day. Oh, and can you please tell him to visit Mahwah, NJ sometime:)

Lotstar says: Dan, you are a genius. A very sneaky genius, but a genius...... *awkward puase* So.... how's life?

Rosaliethebrave said: I'd just tell him what a genius I think he is. Everyone of his shows are brilliant (yes, even Victorious). His a comedy wizard. All of those sketches from All That and he Amanda Show, the music on Victorious, the comedy timing on Drake and Josh and iCarly. He's created the funniest and most epic characters on children's television. Sam, Spencer, Megan, Josh, Quinn, Logan, Kenan and Kel...He's amazing and his shows deserve much more praise and acknowledgment.

The Sam Puckett says: (Dear Dan, You smart person, you... *Waggles fingers at Dan. Thank you for all of the great shows you've created, and the endless laughs!!! From Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, Drake Bell, and Josh Peck to Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, Jennette McCurdy and Jerry Trainor. Thank you SO much for creating AWESOME shows like iCarly, which teach us nothing. but so much at the same time. Any person on this planet would be blessed to have a Carly or Tori in their lives, such as a Sam or Jade. Thanks for portraying great friendships, like those in Victorious and on iCarly. It truly shows that even people who HATE each other can come together on a common subject (I.E Jade and Cat, Sam and Carly). You are the man, Dan! Muchas gracias para no quemando mis pantalones! Roxas)

TeamMu says: Dear Dan, Four words: You Win At Life. That is all. -XD

Neveischeese says: Dear Dan, (all serious) Puppies,Rainbows,Kittens and HI!!!!! Thank you.

SeddieWarrior says: Hey Dan, this is one of your biggest fans ever, sending out my letter to you like the rest of us here, from the iCarly wiki! Anyways, I have loved every single show you made, and like the rest of us, it has been a part of my childhood, and the first show I ever seen by you was The Amanda Show which I loved so much, and I was officially hooked! I remember the Judge Trudy skits, I remember Penelope as, "Amanda's Number One Fan!", I even remember Moody's Point! I remember myself saying, "Whoever made this show is a genius!" And guess what, Dan? You are a genius! So, ever since then, I got into all your other awesome shows! I watched re-runs of All That, and the comedy was funny, the skits were creative and original, and your shows have always made me laugh and smile. Then, Drake and Josh came around, and I was hooked onto that show too! I even started quoting stuff from the show, and I remember the scene when Drake and Josh were saying, "Are you calling me a liar?" "I ain't calling you a truther!" Ahh, that scene cracked me up so much! Throughout everything, I been a big fan of all your shows, thick and thin, laughing at every single joke, and your shows describe comedy! Oh, when iCarly came around, when I saw the premiere of iPilot, I was an official hardcore fan of the show, saying, "You know what? This is my favorite show, already." I have always been loyal and faithful to iCarly, and even to this day, I still love your show, and it is my favorite show in the universe! You, my friend, are awesome. I have loved all of your shows, I think you're downright hilarious, and your shows have that rare spunk to it. It's a quality that with just one single joke, it'll have me laughing, and smiling with the biggest grin on my face. Your jokes are original, and it always brightened me up, even if I was having the worst day of my life, I would just sit down on the couch, turn on the tv, watch all your tv shows, and then I would feel happy, forgetting about the world, just sitting down, enjoying one of my favorite tv shows made by the best tv creator in the planet! :D (That's you). Your shows have always been there for me, and believe it or not, your shows have impacted me in a way I'll never forget in my life. Thank you for that! Your shows have defined who I am, taught me to have a great time, and laugh a little! I'll never forget you, and I always wanted to meet you, and tell you how much I think you're awesome and that I love your shows! Hopefully, if you receive this letter, you'll know how much I think you're awesome, how in love with your shows I am, and the fact that in the future, when I'm an old lady, I'll say whenever a futuristic show comes on when I'm old, "You know, we had better shows on tv, than this jank! We had the classics, that brought us comedy, like iCarly, Drake and Josh, All That, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, Victorious, and What I Like About You! Those shows were the best and honestly, no one can ever forget these shows. If they do, well, then they have a serious problem. that needs to be fixed." You are a comedic genius, I respect you for the perfect comedy you have made, the friendships made on your shows, (With Drake and Josh, "HUG ME BROTHA!" or the iCarly trio's friendship, along with Gibby haha.) So many memories with all your shows! Just keep on making awesome shows, because I know I'll love them, like I love all of your past shows, and your shows now. :) Dan Schneider: The awesome dude who impacted on my childhood! Hope you read this, Dan! :) From, Bianca

SeddieAddiction says: Dan, you are my idol! Thank you for bringing such amazing shows to our TVs for all these years. And, being a Seddie shipper, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Seddie that has been occurring recently. I pray that "iLove You" has the outcome I want *wink wink*. So, again, I would just like to say that you are an absolute GENIUS. Thank you for being so awesome. :) From, Jackie

SeddieFever says: Hey Dan, you are my true idol! I can't find a single word to describe what you and your shows mean to me. All the time I get teased and bullied over the fact I am in love with shows on Nickelodeon because they are, in their opinion, 'Kiddies shows'. Well it's totally obvious to me they haven't watched any of your shows because if they did, I swear they would be hooked just as much as I am. You are the best tv writer in the ENTIRE world, who else could make amazing characters such as Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, Carly, Quinn, Logan and who can forget Drake? ;P I am a truly obsessed Seddie fan and I thank you from the deepest parts of my heart for all the Seddie moments you have given us(: Maybe it's wrong to be SUPER obsessed with a couple from a tv show, but I just can't help it!(: Two questions, Will we ever see Melanie again? And Will we ever meet Carly's mom/Freddie's Dad?

GermanSausage223 says: You make children,teens and adults smile every day on the TV with your great show.And that is just such a good and bright thing,I can't explain it. Me and my best Friend love iCarly and Victorious.We both live in Germany.But we always watch iCarly,never miss a episode of Victorious.We are even happy if kids of our school talk about iCarly...even if they don't know anything about it. Anyway,waht I want to say is:We all love you!Kids all around the world are looking up to you.Keep going and stay yourself. Love,Lena -12-from Germany

Seddie is love says: Dan Schneider, All I want to say is, you're amazing! Whenever I have a bad day, icarly or victorious cheers me up. Your episodes make me laugh and cry, smile and frown, and make me scream like a fangirl! The way you put seddie in the spotlight was fantastic! Josh and mindy, Jade and Beck, and now Sam and Freddie, you sure have quite a mind! All your shows are amazing! I just want to let you know that millions of people love you to pieces. Bye! Seddie is love- USA

Magicboots says: Dan, You give me hope. Overally, you pretty much moulded my sense of humour. I grew up with your shows, and they've provided me happiness. Laughter through the bad and good times, you've always been there. Well, not literally there but, it's like I can feel you laughing when one of your characters says something funny. It takes a TRUE creative genius to do what you do.I love you Dan! With all my heart! [2]Becky.

SamLuvsHam says: Dan: I just wanna say that you are the brain of iCarly, If you didn't create it, I do not know what I would do... I'd probably hate TV YOU.ARE.AWESOME. :)

AJ21 says: Dan Schiender, What can I say , the words comedy genious, spring to mind, you are an absolute lengend in every respect of the word. I have grown up watching your shows from the days of Kenan & Kel right the way through to Victorious. You have shaped the way I look at comedy, you've made me laugh for years and I am truely grateful for that. Most of all I am so grateful for iCarly. It has to be my favourite show ever, I love the characters, the storylines, and Seddie of course, its a fun show that has brought so many people together, I've made new friends through my love of it, so thank you for that. You are my idol . I don't know what I would be doing if you hadn't of made iCarly. Millions of people love you and the work you do , you should be so proud. We your fans will always be here for you, and we know we are guaranteed amazing shows. I love you and all the work you do, I would all be lost without the work that you do so Thank you. you are truely amazing. Love from Aimee .. xxxx

Lucywoof08 says: Dan S, You're AWESOME! You are a comedic genius and you inspire me so much :D All I can say is keep doing what you're doing, you have obvious God-given talent. :) I've been watching since All That, Kennan and Kel and the Amanda Show and all have made me crack up at *least* once :D BTW, if you ever need an actress (new show? small part?) it would be a *dream-come-true*, I don't have an agent, and I don't live in Hollywood (New Jersey :) ) but that doesn't mean I couldn't if I could afford it :) It's a dream come true just to have the chance to talk to you *_* Bye! Eileen ^_^

Spencerandhisgoldfish says: Dan Schnieder, Honestly, I don't even know where to start. There is so much I'd like to say to you right now, from "Ohmigosh you are a comedy GENIUS!!" to "I have no idea how I would survive without your tv shows" to just plain "Hey, can I have your autograph??" Unfortunately, I haven't been around long enough to see the days of Kenan and Kel and All That, ( I reaaallly wish I had!) but I have seen everything from then onwards, and I still remember laughing my guts out and thinking to myself "okay, this is DEFINATELY my new favorite show!!" I am truly inspired by you're writing abilities and amazing sense of humor ("colon p!!"), and, although I doubt I will ever see you in person, it is an honor to be sending you this message. Anyways, I cannot wait for iLost My Mind, Locked up, and all of the other amazing creations you have to offer! And I think I speak for everyone on this wiki when I say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!" :D Sincerely, SpencerandhisGoldfish PS. What is your favorite canned vegetable??? :) I feel that I must know this information...

Amythest444 says: Dear Dan Schnieder, Dan...I want to say....just one thing...YOU ARE AWESOME! I've always been a fan of your shows, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, iCarly ! And, I can't wait till iLost My Mind, and Locked Up. Obviously, them being created by you, it must be good:) Luckily Locked Up is on my birthday:) Sincerely, Amythest444

AllYouNeedIsSeddie says: Hi, Dan! I just want to say that you are my IDOL and I love every single one of your shows. :) Drake & Josh is definitely my favorite, but iCarly is a VERY close second. I really hope that you do a Drake and Josh meet iCarly kind of thing. I remember most of the episodes as if I'd seen them yesterday. I still remember what SPLAT stands for (Squat, pray, leap, AHHH, touchdown)! xD My favorite episode of iCarly is probably iSpeed Date. Even though I'm a hardcore Seddier, the dance was so cute! My whole family is Seddie, except for my mom and cousin. I actually made a HUGE PowerPoint talking about Creddie/Seddie once. xD Dan, you're awesome; thanks for all the awesome shows you make! Love, AllYouNeedIsSeddie

SimilarSituation said: Tell him that all of his shows were always my favorites, and that my first favorite show ever was The Amanda Show. My nephew would always want to watch it when we were younger, I still remember the dancing lobster, Moody's Point, and I always thought the fake commercials were real. Zoey 101 was awesome, I loved Drake and Josh, and iCarly is my favorite show right now. I have always loved all of your shows. Thank you for all of the shows you make!

iCarlyRulez5101 says: Dear Dan Schneider, You are a person that almost everyone could describe in two words: COMEDY and GENUIS. You are the one that always brightens up my day when I'm feeling down with your YouTube videos, and your epic TV shows. I grew up with your shows, and right now you are the one keeping Nickelodeon alive. My whole family enjoys your shows. Me, my dad, and my bro-bro watch iCarly or Victorious almost every day. I honestly CANNOT live without your shows, and all of your past shows were hysterical. Whenever I see a promo for a new show created by you, I instantly know it won't be a disappointment. I actually loved every single one of your shows so far, and I always will. It's been my dream for a while now to be on one of your shows. :) P.S., WHAT in the shizzlin' world did the goat do?!?!? Because I need to know whether I should keep myself (and/or) my body away from goats or not.

Isa1200 says: Dear Dear Dan, first, I'm from Holland, so sorry for my bad English (; .When I was a little girl.. (like 9 / 10 years old)

I was just watching tv and the amanda show flashed at my tv screen.

I thought, wow this is so amazing ! And i saw more shows with the end credits: Schneider's bakery. Iwas just wondering why all the good shows were with Schneider's bakery , lol and I thought: why BAKERY? :p One moment they didn't aired the Amanda show in Holland anymore and I was upset :( well, Drake and Josh was funny too, so i watched that :) I don't remember that much about other shows i watched by you , i was 10/11 years old. Then.. one day I saw the commercial of iCarly , i thought it was really fun.

I thought hey it's megan who plays Carly ! :).

So I watched it for the first time ever ( it was i want a world record) I remember it was in the middle of the episode but I thought it was still funny , even I didn't saw the beginning. I remember too that i said mom! mom! this is so funny look at this !” I'm still a fan of iCarly, it's a great show! and I began to get more obsessed with it since i saw ikiss on youtube ( because they didn't air it in my country )

But not only that. I think it's intresting and funny to see 

how all the personages are growing up so much.

I prefer seddier as you can see, but 

it's intresting to see the other ships development . I'm sorry that I'm talking about shipping, because comedy is the most important. Maybe I watch it now kinda more for the shipping because I'm getting older , and I love to see how 2 people are getting together :). But I still laugh about the comedy moments, don't worry! :) But you have great humor Dan, I can see that in all your shows I watched :) I really hope you will still working on iCarly and other shows very long, because i love it so much. I want to be an actress or singer or something like that , and I hope I can work with you some day if miracles happen :). Thank you for all these great shows you create, and I hope you won't stop create shows as long as you can . Like more people say, I'm sure i will tell my kids in the future about iCarly, and other great shows I watched when I when i was young :) Great job Dan ! From isabelle, isa1200 from the icarly wikia ---I hate it that I'm not really GOOD in English.. ah well.. this is a very odd letter too . whatever, i hope he likes it if he read it .

SakratheHedgie says: Dear Dan Schneider, I have been a fan of your shows for a while now, and they never fail to make me laugh. You have chosen good, friendly cast memebers, write awesome scripts, and you communicate with your viewers and followers, unlike many TV show producers I have seen. I hope to watch more of your amazing shows in the future, Señor Schneider. Regards, Sakra(not my real name, but part of my username)

MLEPresents...says: Dear Mr. Schneider I've, well my Mom and my siblings as well, been a big fan of your shows, and I thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face everyday. You have helped, a lot, built one of the biggest importance in my childhood, laughter. Also, not only are you a true genius when it comes to comedy and originality, but you're personality is one of the things I look up to the most. I can definitely say that you are one of the nicest and funniest people that I know/seen - all of the cast/crew members love and enjoy your company. Although I haven't met you in person, I know for sure that you are going to be one of the best people I've ever met, if we ever did meet. Mr. Schneider, I wish you, and you're shows, the best of luck! "More obstacles to come, And you have no time to waste... But don't worry now, Dan will put a smile on your face!" - By MLEPresents... (A.K.A. Me)

Tbayleyt says: Dear Dan (The Man) Schneider, I’ll keep it short and simple, for the past 220 898 482 seconds (7 years), your shows, have never failed to make me laugh. Your consistency in producing, and creating shows, that are funny, entertaining, and endearing every single time I watch them from the old shows, such as Drake & Josh, to iCarly to the newest Victorious. Though there are some episodes of your shows that have their low points, you always manage to make each and every episode that you produce and write, to end up being very good, simply because the quality of writing in each episode is so good. Also even though iCarly has been taken over by the shipping factor, though I feel the exact reason for the creation of the Seddie arc :) is so that the ship war that has been raging for close to four years now, and as such make the most important thing about iCarly once again the comedy, and even though the Shipping plays such a big role in each fans view on the show that is simply a testament to you and the brilliant characters that you have created, and I believe that you will continue to handle the characters feelings as sublimely as you always have. You are an inspiration, and even though you drive me mad sometimes when you tease us, all it does is make me more excited for anything that you will throw at us. Dan you have created shows and characters that have touched the lives of millions, and have never once failed to make me laugh in any episode of your creation that I have watched, and I feel that this is all I really ever needed to say to show you what every fan that has ever watched your show thinks, To Days To Come, And All My Love To Days Gone By. Thomas Bayley. Hope keeps us safe, knowing that we can always look forward to a brighter tomorrow, even when things look down, and seem like we can never come back, even when we are so close the edge.

Jennettex3 says: Dear Schneider - GENIUS I don't know how to start... but I had to say that you're a such a good writer, you always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face - even if I'm not in a good mood (: and your TV-shows are amazing! If you didn't existed, I... don't know how my life would be right now. I always gets lucky when it's new episodes written by you or new TV-shows because I know it won't be disappointed. iCarly + other shows (ALL) created by you are... WOW! :D I wish you the best luck with your TV-shows and future, because you are A W E S O M E. - Jennettex3 (from iCarly Wikia.)

ILoveSeddie2 says: Dear Dan, To begin with, I'm Dutch, so I'm sorry for any mistakes in my grammar and such. At first I didn't really know what to write. A lot of the other letters where pretty much saying what I wanted to say to you. That's why I'm just improvising right now. This is so much easier than actually thinking of what I'm gonna say. Although, this will probably lead to nothing, so I'll get to the point. You are awesome. Somehow, through iCarly (and Drake and Josh and Victorious too) you've strangely affected my life (and many others). Whenever I feel sad, or bored, or *insert bad mood here* I can always cheer myself up just by watching one of your shows. When someone asks me what my favorite type of humor is, I say Schneider-humor. (And British humor, but that's not the point.) Anyway, I'm really excited for season 5 of iCarly, and I wish it wouldn't have to end. (Oh, thank you for the Seddie by the way ;D ) Yeah I have NO inspiration right now, so I guess this will be the end of my letter. Do not forget you are truly a genius ( don't let haters tell you otherwise ) you never fail to make me laugh, and I hope you can continue making shows for as long as you can. Love, Luca (aka iLoveSeddie2 on the iCarly wiki. Oh and 2 does not stand for too. It actually has a meaning to me. Not that you care, but whatever :P ) P.S. What did the goat do!?!?!?!? Are there some things about goats that we do not know of? Would they do it to me? It's scaring the chiz out of me. My neighbors have two goats o_O

Cali447 says: Dear Mr. Dan, The first thing i want to say is Thank You. Your shows have basically been my childhood and continue to be with Victorious and iCarly! We hope you continue to have fun doing all these shows and that you know that we care about these shows as much as we do for you. Keep doing what you're doing and know that we enjoy every minute of it. Have a great time and THANK YOU! You deserve all the applause in the world for continued commitment to your shows: All That, Kenan And Kel, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, iCarly, and Victorious and any more your Genius Comedic Mind may come up with. Sincerely, Cali447 on the iCarly Wiki. P.S. I would just like to know, What inspired you to come up with these amazing shows?

SeddieJathanFan says: Dear Mr. Dan,

Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for me as a person. Thank you for teaching me that fan wars are overrated and that we should not start them . Mr. Schneider you are truly awesome. I will always remember the times you  have uploaded the cast of ICarly doing witty things. ICarly,Victorious,Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 will truly be my favourite shows of all time. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME! 

From: Seddiejathanfan of the ICarly wiki.

Seddiejathanfan says: Dear Mr.Dan, Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for your fans. You must be commended for your significant work on all your shows. You have truly outdone yourself. Thank you for teaching me not to start fan-wars and that they are overrated. ICarly will always be my favorite show. By the way did you know you had fans in Jamaica, just making sure you know. Dan you are truly awesome. THANK YOU!!! Fr: Seddiejathanfan of the ICarly wiki.

Stringtheoryrocks says: Dear Dan Schneider, You must be a genius (Mensa standard). Your shows are top quality. You have brought inspiration among the many people who watch(ed) your shows. You wonderful shows are what keep me watching television (on the kids section). Your shows might not be as popular in Ireland, but, you are one brilliant writer/producer, many thanks Stringtheoryrocks1 (Christopher) - iCarly wiki.

XxSeddieshipperxx says: Dear Dan Schneider, Can I just say you are awesome. Actually, no, awesome is a total understatement. You're... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! And, that may even be an understatement, too. You are a genious when it comes to TV shows. I've always loved Drake & Josh, and Zoey 101. I'd watch reruns of them every single day for the rest of my life if I could. But, my favorite two shows are iCarly and Victorious. The comedy in both shows are hilarious, and I love to watch them. All of my friends enjoy the show too. (by the way, what the heck is a 'chiz'?) Whenever I'm upset, or angry or any other mood, I can just flip on Nickelodeon and watch your brilliant television shows. Even if I can't do that, I can always go to iCarly or TheSlap and laugh out loud from the videos or crazy blogs. Everything you do or post can always 'up' my mood. Also, when it comes to the Seddie/Creddie stuff, I love watching the 'romance' on iCarly. It always makes me think which one will come out 'victorious' in the end. (haha :D) Man, I suck at puns. Anyway, watching the little hints whether one will happen or the other will always leaves me in suspence, especially iOMG. You know the exact amount of romance to dip into the show, enough to leave all of us wondering what will happen in the future. How can you come up with all the awesome things you do? 'TheSlap'? 'SplashFace'? 'TweenPants'? How do you do it?! If I tried to come up with something just as funny, it always ends up totally lame. It makes me go insane wondering how you could think up the funniest yet randomest (is that a word..?) things ever thought of. You always know how to keep your viewers coming back, and that's what I seriously LOVE about you & your shows. -xxSeddieShipperxx P.S; What did Sam draw on Gibby's forehead? Hm...

ElectricMeadowsofSeddie says: Dear Dan Schneider, I've been your biggest critic as well as your biggest fan. Why? Because I absolutely love your shows. They're unique, random, and make me feel happy inside (as dumb as that sounds). For the laughter you've given me, I can't that you enough. You are so amazing at what you do. Rather than call it "generation love" maybe we should call our generation "Generation Schneider". Although I'm sure other people have that last name. Your biggest fan -ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie

Brabi2011 says: Dear Dan Schneider without you there would be no shows for us to look forward to. Thank you soooo much for ALL your effort we apriciate EVERYTHING!!!!! Without YOU this wiki would not even EXIST! Brabi2011:(Babalwa)- icarly wiki

RandomTweet says: Dear Dan, Can you please give Sam and Freddie to play smooch face and then Sam gives him weegey... From Santa

StraightACarlaay said: Dan Schneider has the exact same humor that I have- totally random and goofy... Spencer's 'twin brother' "Spuncer", Mrs. Benson's weird crazy rhymes, Sinjin's obsession with gross things and mosses, Trina's stuck-up ways, and lots more will keep me laughing 'til I'm old and wrinkly :P- and even though I've only started watching his shows iCarly and Victorious since this spring, I think they're genius shows and I absolutely love the characters. Lots of people find the shows dumb and stupid, but they're really not. :)

Samlovesham says: To Mr. Daniel James Schneider: “iCarly is my life.” Yes, I quoted Nora, but I felt it was pretty appropriate. Whenever I’m having a bad week at school I literally tell myself, “It’s ok.. if I can just get through this I can watch iCarly when I get home!” and it cheers me up immensely. I don’t even think it’s possible for there to be a show that I love more- I love it to the point of memorizing episodes word for word, just from watching them so much! I also grew up watching your other shows and now am a HUGE fan of Victorious also! I love them because the humor and jokes are spot-on, catching the attention of people of ALL ages, not just tweens or teens. What actually first attracted me to iCarly and your other shows was the fact that the humor and pick-up lines/phrases were so closely related to mine as well as my siblings’. One example is when Carly said “gross!” after finding out she was transferring to a different school. I laughed so hard, because I always say “gross!” after hearing things I don't like, even if doesn’t make sense. X) My brother also cracked up after hearing the first mention of “church pants” from Freddie, because he claimed he coined that phrase first when he was 10 years old (14 years ago).You always listen to what the fans have to say, and take the time to let us know how much you appreciate our support, which means the world to me and the other fans. Also, I don’t know of any other creator or producer of a regular TV show that I watch who is constantly putting out new pictures, videos, fun facts, etc. for the fans like you do. They are so fun to watch and read about and we love them so much. Words can’t even describe how incredible you are! So thank you so much again—although you do deserve more than just those few words! Love always, Valerie/ “Samlovesham” on the wiki

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We'll be expecting you! ;)

Love, Cartoonprincess 16:11, July 30, 2011 (UTC) and the rest of the iCarly Wiki

P.S. Please tell Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, Jerry and Noah we said hi! :)

P.S.S. If you do not respond to this letter, we will all collectively arrive at your house and give you a Royal Fizzbin. ;)

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