This is just an expiriment, but basically, this is the place where you can talk about anything. It does not have to be iCarly-related; in fact, try to steer away from it. You can talk about anything from current events, to pop culture, to just how your day went! I'll start us off with a topic to break the ice...(Feel free to start new topics at any time.)

Global Warming: Hot or Hoax?!

Alright, the title didn't make much sense. lol Anyway, do you believe the earth is actually getting warmer (or colder)? And if so, what should we do about it? OR do you believe it is all just a conspiracy created by the government and it doesn't really exist? DISCUSS!!!!!!!

If this ends up not working, then it's no big deal; I just want to get some real discussions brewing....Have fun!! ;D

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