NOTE: Dis blawg iz just randomness. xP

Okay, the object of this game is to come up with a story about you that is totally and completely untrue. You must start the story with the words, "One time".


One time, I went skiing, right? And the snow was purple. And Samlovesham was there snowboarding on a Tuba. And then she changed her name to Edward Cullen. And then the hill caught on fire. And then Yoshi held all the redheads and rainbowheads of the world hostage. And all cartoons came to life. Furthermore, Churchpants married her hair. Cherry supposedly threw up a unicorn. Chiz danced to Gangham Style and then died from Awesome Overload. Then, PCC deepfried a tomato and named it Tommy...after Tommy Pickles.

Whoa...idk where that came from, but you get the idea. :P


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