If you've been on the Seddie page, lately, you may have noticed that I wrote a couple "Short, Stupid, Random, Seddie Things", which is basically a made-up dialogue between Sam and Freddie. Other ones shortly started coming up from various people, so I thought: Hey, what the heck, let's make a whole blog about it!!!! ;D

So here's the place where YOU can write your "Short, Stupid, Random, Seddie Things", no matter how cliche, corny, cheesy, unrealistic, hilarious, crazy, interesting or adorable! Have fun!!!!!!


[At the iCarly Studio]

Carly: Do you like Freddie?

Sam: Yes.

[Carly throws herself out the window.]

Freddie: What happened to Carly?

Sam: She threw herself out the window after I told her I like you.

Freddie: Oh.

[They start making out.]

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