This is kind of like a "spin-off" of my other Seddie blog, but the only difference is, you take quotes from *OTHER* shows and convert them to Seddie.


[Drake and Josh]

Freddie: Why do you always have to "one-up" me all the time? What? Do you just get your "jollies" making me look dumb?!

Sam: Who said I think you're dumb? Maybe I happen to think you're very smart, but maybe I just...

Freddie: Maybe you just what?


Freddie: Maybe I just like you, too.

Sam: Oh, really!?

Freddie: Yeah, maybe I liked you for a really long time but just didn't realize it because I don't like you so much!

Sam: Are you saying you like me or not???

Freddie: Are you saying you like me or not?

Sam: I'm saying I like you!

Okay, you get the gist of it...Have fun!!! ;D

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