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The Official Somnium Clarification Blog :P

NOTE: ...Eh, I have nothing to put here. I'll just explain it all in the blog. xDDD

First off, I apologize for the unexpected hiatus of my blog series, Somnium. You see, I got distracted by the Olympics for two weeks and then I started school. Plus, my mother was temporarily not letting me use the computer during the week, which further limited the time I could spend on the story. As you know, once you stop doing something for a while, it can be very hard to start it back up again and that was my main issue.

Anyway, I am now currently working on the 15th chapter. So, I thought I would take this time to answer any quesions you have about the story, so far. To the best of my ability, I shall try to respond to any concerns and clarify any confusion you guys might have. If you happen to already be completely clear and caught up, I strongly encourage you to reread the previous chapters just so you're reminded of what's going on.

Or, you could just do nothing and disregard this whole blog; that's okay, too! ;DDDD

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