SIDE-NOTE: It's my 2-year wiki anniversary...huzzah! xDDD

This blog may come across as sounding a bit odd as this isn't something I normally like to do. Let's just say I was left with no other option but to write this. Chances are it doesn't actually pertain to you.

There are times in our lives when we are faced with difficult decisions that require us to choose between morality and popular opinion. In this case, the two seemed to blur into one. However, after a long period of reflection, I realized that I could have handled things better. My ties and friendships to the people here are very important to me, which is why I was so dismayed and devastated by the situation and ended up saying and doing things I would later regret.

If you think I'm being vague, you're absolutely right. Mainly because I do not want old tension to resurface if I retell the situation. The truth is, writing this blog was initially the last thing I wanted to do but I made a really dumb mistake and ended up hurting someone I care deeply about and writing this was the only way this person could forgive me.

Literally, this person forced me to write this blog or else we could never speak, again. o_O

Anyway, I hope I am now forgiven and I hope this blog didn't bewilder the rest of you too much. :3

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