NOTE: The word "bash" looks weird if you look at it too long. ._.

In the midst of all the drama we've had lately (both here and on the Sam and Cat wiki), Cooldog and I have been discussing what constitutes as "bashing."

In my personal opinion, this kind of thing should not be overanalyzed and overregulated because, frankly, it limits the discussion. I believe we are fully capable of having mature and rational conversations on these topics. Even if we don't completely agree with one another on certain matters, we should be able to respect each other's opinions and not automatically accuse others of indiscretion or react defensively

As we've established before, we are ALL biased. Therefore, if someone likes or dislikes a celebrity, it is inevitably going to reflect in their arguments. However, if a person isn't particularly fond of a certain celeb, but has sound reasoning to back up their point of view, then I don't see that as bashing at all. While it's perfectly natural for fans of said celeb to get upset over another person's negative opinion, I don't personally believe it is grounds for a ban. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having differing opinions. If you disagree with someone, simply state your point of view in a respectful manner and move on.

Obviously, we shouldn't put certain celebs on pedastals or, on the flip side, make unsubstantiated claims on other celebs. However, it's fine to speculate so long as we specify that it is indeed speculation. 

Using the **MAGICAL POWER OF BLOGS** (:DDD), we are gonna get to the bottom of all this nonsense.

Basically, to avoid further misunderstanding, what do you guys consider to be bashing? What rules do you think should be put in place, if any? Thank you in advance for your cooperation. x)

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