Okay, so I just got done watching the long-awaited and highly anticipated iStart a Fanwar, and I must say, I am extremely disappointed. I am incredibly infuriated with Dan Schnieder. I understand that he was trying to tell us fans that the show is not all about shipping, but he went about it the wrong way. This was basically a repeat of iBeat the Heat! (A bunch of guest stars, promised shipping, but NO PLOT, plus a stupid lecture at the end!!!) Dan is fully aware of the enormous amount of fans who ship Creddie and/or Seddie and he didn't please either of them. Instead of giving both sides a little something to enjoy, he just teased us and spit it right in our faces!!!!! I wasn't expecting any relationship to come out of this episode, but we were promised both Creddie and Seddie moments and got absolutely NOTHING. Not to mention the so-called twist, which was apparently that NO ship would end up together! This is such an insult to the fans, because there was all this build-up, and he was basically just teasing us the whole time! This episode implies that neither ship will ever happen. And us fans who partly watched iCarly for the shipping now have much, much less to look forward to. THANKS A LOT, DAN!!!! I have lost so much faith in you and iCarly. I know I'm acting overly-dramatic, but seriously!!!! What happens next???? So many unanswered questions!!!!! Will Carly and Freddie ever get back together? Will Sam and Freddie ever admit how they really felt about the kiss? We may never know, now. I would rather have Creddie happen than no ship happen!!! All the promos said that we would have answers, Dan said that there would be Creddie and Seddie moments. They both lied. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cartoonprincess 02:20, November 20, 2010 (UTC)Cartoonprincess :(

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