NOTE: I know what you're thinking: Cartoonprincess, you ungrateful nugget! Your ding-dong ship is happening and yet you're complaining.

First of all, STOP YELLING. I'm not complaining. I enjoyed both iOMG and iLMM immensly.

So, why, you may ask, do I feel as though the Seddie Arc may have been where Dan went wrong in the series?

Well, for starters, it's kind of like a punch in the face for the Creddiers of whom he unfairly teased and poked at all throughout Seasons 1-3. He didn't even throw them a bone by making Carly jealous. You might think that by saying this, I'm contradicting what I said in my last blog, but all I said was that it wasn't OOC for Carly to be happy for Sam and Freddie. Like I said, these are Dan's characters and he can do whatever he wants with them. Therefore, jealousy obviously would have been a more interesting alternative.

In Dan's previous works, he didn't put a ton of emphasis on his ships. For example, with Jindy and Quogan, they only needed one episode to get together and that was enough. Sure, there were follow-up episodes, keeping up with their relationship, but it was never the main focus of the entire show. Even as a Seddie shipper, I always thought that 5 episodes dedicated to Seddie was too much. In all honesty, this sudden move by him seems more like an act of desparation rather than a gesture to please the fans. It's like he knows that Seddie will get him viewers.

Also, as many others have already pointed out, the arc deliberately contradicts the infamous speech in iSAFW. Carly clearly stated, and I quote: "Enjoy the show for our random, pointless comedy" Okay, I admit that's not the exact quote, but you get the idea. He created such an extreme, controversial paradox.

Plus, even though I have been satisfied with the results so far, 5 episodes of Seddie gives them tons of opportunities to mess it up.

Don't get me wrong, I have very high hopes for Season 5; Gibby is funny and amusing, again. Sam's hair is back to it's beautiful, attractive, signature Season 3 style. (I absolutely loathed Sam's hair in Season 4, because honestly, it just made Sam's head look grotesquely big, and it was very unflattering. Please don't hate me, I mean no offense to Jennette, it's just my opinion.)

Anyway, I'm very curious to hear your views on this. Do you think the Seddie Arc was a mistake? Or do you think this bold move could actually save the series? Thoughts? Comments? Put 'em here. ;D

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